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    draw up in order

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    • 幫忙英翻中這一段和商業有關的文章

      In order to work towards a target an action plan should be drawn up. 為了往達成目標的方向前進 , 必須... should be held in order to monitor the progress of individuals...

    • 該如何判斷這四題時態,....英文高手請進

      ...現在完成式或現在完成進行式。 (A)4. up a new contract ,the lawyer e-mailed it to...client for her review. A. Once drawing B. In order to draw C. Without draws...

    • 有何醒目的英文標語

      ... show your ID. 請將你的證件拿出來 Please draw up in order. 請排隊 No beverage and food inside. 場內禁止飲食 Keep off the grass...