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    • 急!!誰可以幫我翻譯這篇文章(中翻英)

      ...the assistance of the relevant teachers, working towards the goal. I believe I will become a truly English teacher, to achieve the dream they want to visit to the United States. The dream is...

    • 幫我看一下英文句子文法有沒有錯

      ...改成 People must take life with active attitudes. 2.He believe(s) that someday he would achieve his dream. 少了現在式的s 3.A great singer can make a composition of his song...

    • 中翻英 請勿用翻譯機 謝謝 =ˇ=

      ...dream with fantasy he may one day be realized maybe he will never be able to achieve, so I believe I am the most beautiful dream one day can make it happen!From small of fantasy in the of House always...