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  1. dream sth. up

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    • 1. 【口】想入非非 Trust you to dream up a crazy scheme like this! 虧你想得出這種異想天開的計劃!
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    • 請教英文文法啦!!! 20點啦!!!!拜託

      ...vt.) surrender+sth:放棄    ex:She surrendered her dream of being a model.她放棄當模特兒的夢想。   *(ph.) render up+sth:放棄某事物    ex:He rendered up his soul.他放棄的...

    • Hard To Please 歌詞翻譯指正

      ...this one out 也許你該有點耐心(wait sth out:有耐心,沉住氣) and just put...低頭,沉住氣. Oh, in your dreams you find out 啊,在你的夢裡你發現... if you lightened up 也許你可以看開點 Maybe if...

    • 希望大家可以幫我英文造句

      ...ticket. 16. With all the diffulties, I didn't give up. With all you love, I believe I will be strong. 17. Her...