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  1. dream ticket


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    • 用下列單字造短文??

      ...a fortune teller/look at her palm/make big money/spend a lot of money/buy lottery tickets/check the numbers/not/win any money/upset/dream/not come true Jane, my best friend, went to a fortune teller...

    • 幫我檢查文法 100字短文 15點

      ... and wanted to visit the famous Pavilion of Dreams. We didn’t have the tickets, so we went to the Xinsheng Park Area. The...

    • 95英文閱讀測驗1.2.3

      ...which of the following is not true about tickets? (A)15 days (B)17 days......... 答案是C 36.Who can start dreaming about the day they will be able to throw biodegradable plastic...