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    dress a window

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    • 為什麼要用dressed

      ... dressing the shop window. 他在佈置商店櫥窗。 整(隊) vi...verb) 穿衣;打扮 The girl dresses fashionably. 那女孩穿著時髦。 穿晚禮服...為什麼He saw a girl dressed in blue.要用dressed...

    • 急!!!英文句子合併改寫

      ... moonlight coming through the window made me homesick. life. People live in a pig city. People who live in...the lady? The lady is dressed in a silk coat. Do you know the...

    • 英文追根究底

      ...who the girl is sitting there" is not a complete noun clause, it is lack of a verb. If...but according to the content of the conversation between A and B. In my opinion, it is still...