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  1. dressing room


    • n.
      a room in which actors or sports players change clothes before and after their performance or game.;a small room attached to a bedroom, used for dressing in and to store clothes.
    • noun: dressing room, plural noun: dressing rooms

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    • 試衣間 的英文怎麼說呢?

      除了 fitting room 之外,我也看過店家寫 dressing room。 如果要試穿,可以問說May I try this on?(我可以試穿這件嗎...

    • 關於 dress 的用法

      ... than American English. British people use "dressing rooms" while americans use "changing rooms".

    • 請問更衣室的英文是?

      如是百貨公司要試衣服的更衣室是 Fitting RoomDressing Room 如是健身房的更衣室是 Locker Room 應在美國更衣室有時會有櫃子讓你放置你的私人物品並可上鎖