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  1. drill down

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    • command drilling rigs that bor

      命令鑽孔鑽台(油田的海上鑽井台)鑽進入地球 drilling rigs 是什麼?drilling有鑽孔的意思 rig有油田的海上鑽井台的意思 bore down bear down使勁推; 使勁壓下

    • grill and drill的意思

      ...puddle of water or the glob on the diaper. (教嬰兒控制排泄的方式) I grill and drill down as much as possible into their understanding of the subjects...

    • 中文翻英文

      ...would like to be able to maintain a long time, because the talk programmes can drill down reports, or you can make fun of the parties, meet the public's mind...