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    • 英文高手請進 ~贈點15 謝絕線上翻譯~

      Drinking alcohol leaves a smell of stink and makes people hate to get close. ... interaction with the people. 2. And the people who are drunk are not able to control their motions and temper and easily to...

    • 醫用英文~~關於醫屬

      ...年 PPB 是酒精的濃度 所以在寫醫囑時 要注明 : How long do you drink alcohol beverage? How often do you drink? Once a day? or occasionly? or during the...

    • 急需翻譯!中翻英!!!謝謝 高額贈點喔!!

      ...apparent benefits has masked the side effects of drinking alcohol. 藉酒逃避現實,小心變本加厲!:  Drinking alcohol to escape from the...