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  1. drinking water


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    • I Drink All Water.這句文法對嗎???

      I drink all water. 這句話在語言邏輯上有點瑕疵。 I drink all water. 如果不加...不對,必須要+定冠詞 the 2009-06-23 12:46:03 補充: 1. I drink water. 指我有在喝水,這裡的water是指天下間的水,可以不+ the 2009...

    • 「隔壁車廂」英文該怎麼說

      You are right, "drink water in the next car" is not all correct. I...think is "not all correct" is "drink water". It is better to use "...

    • 有關英文翻譯的問題 急!! (請不要用奇摩直譯的那種)

      A person to drink water at least 2000C.C. Equivalent to 8 cups of water... dizziness, vomiting and other conditions. So drink enough water for humans is very important. In addition to water other than weight...