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  1. drive (or hammer or press or ram) something home

    • make something clearly and fully understood by the use of repeated or forcefully direct arguments
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    • 請問下面的生活英文對話文法或字彙有需要修改的嗎?

      ... live with my parents. My home is not very far from school. R: So do you drive or 14.[something]? E: Oh I take bus 15.[to school...

    • 請達人~給予指教!!

      ... up to make a way home . Case 2, you've hurt...of "No drunk driving”. Case 2. ...all? Let me show you something. First, your license...

    • I want to go home.

      ...東西吃。 形容詞的限定用法:to eat修飾前面的不定代名詞something。 We are to leave for Japan...問題。 I can't decide whether to go to university or to find a job. 我不能決定是去上大學還是去找個工作...