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  1. drop cloth


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    • 把英文翻成中文

      Itching palm手掌癢癢 如果你的右手掌會癢,你將有前進帳. 如果你的左手掌會癢,你的錢會被花掉. Ringing ear耳鳴 如果你的右耳耳鳴,有人在說你的好話. 如果你的左耳耳鳴,有人在說你的壞話. Washing Dishes 洗碗盤 如果你在洗碗盤時,肚子的地方濕了,這表示...

    • Tear(Noun) is countable?

      Tears are the drops of salty liquid that come out of your eyes when you...另一個字,意思是「撕破」。如:If you tear paper, cloth, or another material, of if it tears, you pull it into two...

    • 急需英文翻譯高手請進來指導

      ...or charred (soot that can be removed with a cloth or the fingers and brown scorching are...or glowing particles or flaming drops at any time that ignite the cotton on the burner, wedge, or floor...