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    • 需要英文高手 翻譯文章

      Drops might be tiny to us, but it could become a flood in a micro city. 水低對我們來說可能是很小, 但在一個極微小... resized into a cup pad; while streets are flooded with water, you can enjoy this beautiful scene in rain, which also reminds us of the importance of water resource. 在這裡, 把台北市的尺寸重新調整到一個...

    • 請幫我解釋文法題(10點)

      ..., and food. Soldiers were soon on the scene, many of them  16  for survivors with ...) crashing 被地震毀壞 (C ) 15. (A) drop (B) dropped (C) dropping (D...

    • 過The Island 的英文達人拜託幫忙搞定英文心得 20

      ...the plot is going to take us to. Then we were dropped back to the familiar scene of typical big city, small towns, deserts, bus stops, train ...