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  1. drug maker

    • n.
      a company that manufactures medicinal drugs;a person who produces illegal drugs
    • noun: drug maker, plural noun: drug makers

    • 釋義
    • n.
    • 1. a company that manufactures medicinal drugs:

      the world's second largest drug maker cut its profit forecast for the rest of the year

    • 2. a person who produces illegal drugs:

      today's operation breaks the grip that these drug makers and dealers have held on the neighbourhoods

  2. 知識+

    • 請幫我分析這篇新聞中的句型

      2.名詞子句N. Cl that the drug makers Merck and Schering-Plough...issue warnings about many widely used drugs it is safe for most patients...

    • 英文~看文章回答~英文回答~

      ... patent has expired. (generic drug = post-patent drug) Drug makers can produce generic drugs without paying loyalty fees. ...

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      藥品製造廠Bristol Myers Squibb的總裁 Peter Dolan 在ImClone系統公司投資20億的資金共同研發新的抗癌藥品 網上找到關於ImClone的資料: ImClone系統公司”的創辦人瓦克薩博士(Sam...

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