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  1. drum up


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    • 1. (擊鼓)糾集,召集;激起 How many peoples' support can you drum up in this performance? 妳這次的表演,能激發多少人的支持呢?
    • 2. 竭力招攬(生意等)
  2. 知識+

    • 請問造勢現場的英文要怎麼翻譯呢!

      造勢現場 Drum-up support site 造勢活動 Drum-up support activities 造勢者 Drum-up supporter 中文”造勢”是一腫尋求奧援或認同活動的意思用 “drum up support”比較妥當

    • 徵求英文大師幫我翻譯

      ... re-opened again last evening, a big drum-up activity was taken place, and a contest for..., this is the second re-opening drum-up activity since the remodeling of Shihlin...

    • 困難的英文翻譯問題

      ... about - 對於 ... 事表示關心 7. become the vogue - 變成了一種流行 8. drum up supporters - 召集並讓支持者激動起來 9. conduct a review - 進行一個檢討會...