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  1. drunk driving

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    • 幫忙翻譯關於酒駕法律的短文(20點)

      Drink driving is very dangerous. People who drink and drive react...and selfish act to drink and drive. Gaining excitement from drink driving at the expense of road safety and innocent lives is...

    • drunk driving 和 drunken drivin

      第一句他指的是制裁"酒罪者駕車" 第二句指的則是"酒後駕車"這個行為 所以第一句可以把兩個字拆開來看, 酒醉者 開車 而第二句就是一個整體的意思, 酒後開車 這樣還清楚嗎?

    • 教我過去分詞p.p.

      ...不規則的種類 原形   過去式   過去分詞 drink   drank    drunk drive    drove    driven read    read     read run...