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    drunk with excitement

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    • 三篇英文故事翻譯

      ... day we took the bus at eight and started our trip with excitement. We arrived at our destination at 12:00 and ate cookies and drinks on the grass, it was very delightful. After a while, there was sudden...

    • 拜託各位大大幫我翻成英文(非常急用星期一晚上要)謝謝!!

      ...usually give you a cup of coffee, and to be polite, you should drink it. The Greek are very open-minded and hospitable. They tend to speak with excitement, but no malice. Whey they keep talking like...

    • 幫忙翻譯關於酒駕法律的短文(20點) react slowly. These drivers, with slow reaction and impaired judgement of speed...a completely irresponsible, unethical and selfish act to drink and drive. Gaining excitement from drink driving at the expense of road...