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    • 請幫我看看這篇文章文法~~~台北高雄比較~~

      ... summer, Kaohsiung is hotter and dry than Taipei. About expenses, the expenditure... higher than Kaohsiung. In fact, the vehicle of Taipei is more convenient than...

    • 超級急件,請高手相救... 請別使用翻譯軟條

      ...把我關進大牢的那句警告的話已然更有滋味! 7. In fact, I shouldn't even be wearing this around here. ...囚犯服. 8. Shall we say, persuaded to walk on dry land? 我們該說, 被降服走上乾淨的路?(雙關語)

    • [請求]可以幫我翻譯這篇文章

      ... "impact theory" explains many facts about the Earth and the moon. (中文):這個「撞擊...和月球的真相 For example, the moon is very dry because the impact created so much heat that it dried...