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  1. dry-nursed

    • dry-nurse的動詞過去式、過去分詞
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    • [20點]急需英文劇本~5個人演

      ..., good Angelica: Spare not for cost. *Nurse: Get you to bad!Faith, you'll be sick tomorrow...1 Servant ) 僕人甲離開 Sirrah, fetch drier logs: Call Peter, he will show...

    • 請幫我找出下面英文單字K.K音標一樣的單字

      ...t ten; tan; tick; two; tail; tax; tell; 4. d den; door; dick; dry; dog; desk; 5. k cat; cafe; coffee; class; cause; cash; 6. g get...mean; median; maximum; minimum; 12. n now; new; net; noon; need; name; nurse; 13. l let; low; law; last; life; loan; long; line; 14. r ride...

    • 急徵!英文高手可以教我簡單的對話嗎?

      ...strength attends the meeting? 3.The wound should keep dry, the situation that notice the wound healing? 4.I am a student of XX department of nursing ? 5.Are you paying attention to one's own blood sugar usually?Ones...