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  1. dude

    • IPA[do͞od]


    • n.
      a man; a guy;a stylish, fastidious man
    • v.
      dress up elaborately
    • noun: dude, plural noun: dudes

    • verb: dude, 3rd person present: dudes, gerund or present participle: duding, past tense: duded, past participle: duded

    • 釋義


    • 1. a man; a guy if some dude smacked me, I'd smack him back
    • a stylish, fastidious man cool dudes
    • a city-dweller, especially one vacationing on a ranch in the western US.


    • 1. dress up elaborately my brother was all duded up in silver and burgundy
  2. 知識+

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      chicks? dude? 俚】少女; 少婦; 小妞 That chickis really cute.那個小妞真...那種女生 第二種就是通稱也就是我們俗稱的辣妹或是很時髦的那種女生 dude? 花花公子 dude 適合年輕人的, 大人的話就會直接稱呼名字 2. 一般向陌生人...

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    • born dude的意思?

      ...: I am just stoked that you were born, dude. ( 老兄,我很高興你來到這個世界) "Born" is with "...