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  1. due to


    • ph.
      因為, 由於
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    • 1. 因為, 由於

      The accident was due to careless driving. 這意外事件起因於駕駛疏忽。

    • ph. 由於;起因於

    • ph. 給…以應有的承認

    • ph. 代人受過

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    • ph.
    • Her absence was due to the storm. 由於風雨交加她沒來。
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  2. 知識+

    • Since 和 Due to

      due to(由於) 1+ N./Ving.... 2類似用法還有 because of; owing to; as a result of; resulted from since(由於) 1.+子句 2類似用法還有 because; owing that; as; for the reason that

    • 可以幫我分類下面這些介系詞的用法嗎

      because, due to ,since, as long as 這四個寫法都是給條件。但只有because和since可以互相通用...主句的述部,說明原因) The company's financial losses were due to poor management. (due to在本句屬介系詞,帶出一個名詞,也是說明原因,due to poor...

    • 請問空格內要填什麼?

      Due to his ________,he successfully conquered the stage fright during his performance...