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  1. due to


    • ph.
      因為, 由於
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    • ph.
    • 1. 因為, 由於

      The accident was due to careless driving. 這意外事件起因於駕駛疏忽。

    • ph. 由於;起因於

    • ph. 給…以應有的承認

    • ph. 代人受過

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    • ph.
    • Her absence was due to the storm. 由於風雨交加她沒來。
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    • due to 的用法

      ...quot;為兩部分). 原來的句子是這樣: The company went out of business due to poor management. 這家公司因為管理不善而關門大吉. 現在我們要強調[due to poor management...

    • 請幫忙修改更有深度及Politeness, 感謝!

      Due to time constraints, We’d appreciate it very much if you can respond your earliest convenience. 註:1. 「由於時間的限制」,常用 due to time constraints, 或due to time limitations, 「由於時間的考量...

    • 英文~due to和owing to可接完整句子嗎???

      片語due to和owing to的意思是because of時,屬於介系詞,只能接名詞或名詞片語當... cancelled owing to bad weather. He almost died due to lack of oxygen. The workforce was reduced, partly due to budget...