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  1. due diligence

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    • 1. 精準審核;盡職調查 Before we decide to invest, we need to do due diligence on this project. 在我們決定投資之前,我們必須對合作的計劃進行精準審核。
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    • 'due diligence' 是什麼意思?

      due diligence 是個法律術語 你可以在諸如契約、判決等法律文件中看得到 法律字典的定義為:the diligence reasonably expected from, and ordinarily excercised by, a person who seeks...

    • 翻譯商業名詞兩個,高手請進

      ...貨幣市場基金、債券保險公司、結構性投資工具(SIVs)等非銀行金融機構。 Due Diligence (商業上稱為專業性審查) Introduction of Due Diligence...

    • 有關財務、金融的文章,翻譯

      ...herein, this non-binding document, on a Subject to Contract, Due Diligence, Final Investment Committee Approval and ...