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  1. dues

    • due的名詞複數
  2. 知識+

    • due to 的用法

      ...quot;為兩部分). 原來的句子是這樣: The company went out of business due to poor management. 這家公司因為管理不善而關門大吉. 現在我們要強調[due to poor...

    • due有"充分"的意思嗎?

      ...of the proper quality or extent, 也等於adequate的意思. 例句: Driving without due care and attention is dangerous. 開車的時候如果沒有很小心以及專注, 是很危險...

    • 關於due in part to的問題

      due in part to 部份因為; 某種程度上因為; 特別因為 = in part because of = partly because of = to some degree/extent because of = in particular because of = especially because of due in great part to 主要因為; 很大程度上因為 = in great part because of = mainly/majorly...