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    • 關於英文for用法的問題。?

      for 是為了指明一段時間,for the duration of time,下面的例子( for + time) 都可省去,句子依然成立 1.) 版大的例子 (for ~ time) 都可省去,句意依然成立 1.A depressed person...

    • duration of the project

      ...持續的時間How long is the project due to last for?這個計畫持續多久? Duration: 1.持久,持續。2.持續時間,存在時間;期間。 last for 持續:to exist for a period of time; to serve or function for a period of time. 他應該是擔心你的計畫是不是真的會一直...

    • What is the spreading factor?

      SpreadingFactor = ChipRate/BaudRate the time duration of a data bit = 1ms => BaudRate = 1000 bits per second the...