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    during the course of

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    • 請問when,while,during 在用法上有什麼不同?

      ... while I was in the shower. 2. She cried during the course of math class . ☆ During 和名詞或名詞片語一起用 1. I will be...

    • 一題英文文法問題

      ...空格部分也可以使用關係此句表達,如下所示:During the course of its growth, a frog undergoes a ...create a theory which explains the reason of the disease.   =They create a theory ...

    • 紐約洋基隊輝煌紀錄英文翻譯

      ... into battle in the Australian national team on August 15 during the course of the Olympic Games, mainly throw seven offices and has...