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  1. duty

    • IPA[ˈdjuːti]



    • n.
      責任; 職責;值班
    • modif.
    • 名詞複數:duties

    • 釋義
    • 同反義
    • n.
    • 1. 責任; 職責

      one's duty to sb. 對某人的責任

      to have a duty to sb./to do sth. 對某人有責任/有義務做某事

    • 2. 值班

      the duty doctor 值班醫生

      to be on/off (day/night) duty 上/下(白/夜)班

    • 3. 稅

      customs/import duties 關稅/進口稅

      to impose a duty on sth. 對某物徵稅

    • modif.
      修飾詞 (modification)
    • 1. 禮節性的


    1. a moral or legal obligation; a responsibility

    2. a task or action that one is required to perform as part of one's job

    3. a payment levied on the transfer of property, for licences, and for the legal recognition of documents

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      duty 1duty Duty is work that you have to do for your job. Staff must report for duty at their normal place of work. My duty ... were 2,250 policemen on duty in and around the stadium. Extra staff had...

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      duty free = 無稅的 duty exemption = 課稅寬減額 兩者比較如下: duty free 是肯定 100 % 是...可能要繳交部份稅款的 例如: This goods is duty free. ----這些貨物是免稅的 This goods is ...