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  1. dwell on


    • ph.
      專注, 詳論; 老是在想或談論
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    • ph.
    • 1. 專注, 詳論; 老是在想或談論

      He dwelt on the importance of study. 他詳論求學的重要。

      Don't dwell on the matter, but dismiss it from your mind. 不要老想這件事, 把它忘掉算了。


    專注, 詳論; 老是在想或談論

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    • ph.
    • He likes to dwell on details, while I look at things from a broad perspective. 他喜歡沉湎於細節,我則大處著眼。

      You should not dwell too much on your past failures. 你不應該老是想著過去的失敗。

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