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  1. dynamic analysis

    • KK[daɪˋnæmɪk əˋnæləsɪs]
    • DJ[daiˋnæmik əˋnæləsis]


    • ph.
  2. 知識+

    • 麻煩幫忙(文法)~中文翻譯英文15點

      ...structural analysis shows that the frame is safe. The dynamic analysis using ADAMS and Newton iteration method got the optimum...

    • 幫忙看我翻譯(文法)這兩段中翻英文15點

      ...使騎乘者擁有更加舒適性,使振動加速度反應呈現值略為降低些許。 The dynamic analysis, discusses the bicycle front fork suspension system, to rides while the comfortable...

    • 論文中文摘要如何翻譯? view of the large-scale limited element model establishment, the structure static dynamic analysis will analyze three parts with 輕量 the optimization gradually to do has the...