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    • 英文諺語No pain no gain

      ... Dictionary for Advanced Learners字典... to do something, they are very eager and anxious to do it, especially beause they...是直譯.會有語病. No pain, no gain.可意譯成:不努力,就難以成功. 有的...

    • 幫忙修改正確英文文法!贈10點

      ...tough tasks of my job in the near future. As for my career plan, I am eager to have some professional training and skills and gain a stable job(原敘述意為”希望得到一項穩定工作以獲得專業...

    • 英文演講3分鐘~~急 希望10/28能幫我訂正一下

      ...freely read on-line articles to gain more knowledge besides my school is healthy and relaxing for us. Net surfing..., and I am eager to cultivate other good hobbies when...