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    • trees.ears.spoons.homes的字尾s發音

      有聲字尾 +S , 發音為/z/=>trees, ears , spoons, homes, 都為有聲子音,所以發音為 /z/ 無聲字尾 +S , 發音為 /s/=>desks, hopes, 因 K, P 為氣音,所以 s發音/s/

    • 請英文好的大大幫忙解答有點難的英文填空

      ...right on the (nose ). 5.讓我偷偷告訴你一件事。 A (mouth) in your (ears ). 6.他出生於富貴之家。 He was born with a silver (spoon ) in his (mouth) 7 .那個年輕人很有才智 The young man has...

    • 關於英文抖幾個成語

      ...s ear lend an ear have a word in sb's ear have sb's ear 5. give sb a bloody nose by a nose nose to tail where your mouth is be born with a silver spoon in your mouth 7. a sweet tooth a tooth for a tooth...