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    • 求助~商用郵件, 英文翻譯? our customers due date must be one week after the staff cannot accept delay due to causal related,forced...of this overdue account at your earliest convenience within one week would be ...

    • 英文書信 (英翻中) TKS!!!

      我們剛與中國汽船工廠連繫,協定香港交貨日期為三月三日,所以,完整定單上的交貨日期為三月三日. 由於你們的截止日在星期六,請了解截止日必須在三月五日. 請盡早寄出你們的裝運單. P.S. 因為無法打出中式句點,所以用英式句點代替,請見諒!

    • ((翻譯))求英文翻譯高手 ----

      Dates of symptom onset were earliest for six imported cases, followed... in southern Taiwan. Due to the low positive rate of the PCR for ...