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  1. earn

    • IPA[əːn]


    • v.
      obtain (money) in return for labour or services;(of an activity) cause (someone) to obtain (money)
    • verb: earn, 3rd person present: earns, gerund or present participle: earning, past tense: earned, past participle: earned

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  2. 知識+

    • 請問一下 EARN 的問法問題

      ... his Dad and Mom _____________money (兩個答案). 1.earns 2.earn 3.earning 4.earn 怎麼2與4重複?4應該是to earn吧? 本題空格...

    • obtain, gain, earn 的差別

      ...win的意思, 如 gain supporters 贏得支持者, gain a prize 贏得獎品 "earn": 1. 努力"爭取"而得到, 賺, 以勞力或是某東西 X 來換取...

    • earning,earnings 有什麼差?

      ...兩者意義不同 1. earing: 動名詞有"賺取"的意思 e.g. part-time earning by home jobs my earning power earning my ...