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  1. earn one's living

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    • 1. 謀生 I tried to earn my living in the fishing industry. 我設法在捕魚業中謀生。



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    • 請問英文片語的中文及例句 ?

      ...dinner.為了補償上次的遲到,我會幫你買晚餐。 2. earn one's own living 自食其力 Danny can earn his own living...of when it comes to Valentine's day?說到情人節時,你會想到什麼? 18. take advantage...

    • obtain, gain, earn 的差別

      ...quot;爭取"而得到, 賺, 以勞力或是某東西 X 來換取 Y. 如 to earn one's living 謀生, 賺取生活費, 賺活/幹活 賺錢 earn money 以誠實信用來換取令人尊敬的...

    • 幫我寫讀後感(用英文寫)....最好超過150字~~~

      .... Three supportive arguments are included. First, today’s teenagers live a better material life and have more chances to get education. ...