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    earn reputation

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    • obtain, gain, earn 的差別

      ...賺取生活費, 賺活/幹活 賺錢 earn money 以誠實信用來換取令人尊敬的名譽: earn a reputation for honesty to earn someone's confidence 得到某人信心 2. 也可做deserve, 應得...

    • 一句英文,我看不懂後半段的文法,請教高手

      ...視為 "因為有" 之義,後面的句子還原後是 "the country has earned an international reputation for the freshness and flavours of its premium food and beverage ...

    • 英文高手救命阿!!!!

      ... but also records very few strikeouts. Therefore, he earned the reputation of "Price Ground ball". 8. What does he need...