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  1. earn something out

    • ph.
      (of an author, book, recording artist, etc.) generate sufficient income through sales to equal the amount paid in an advance or royalty
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    • 誰有國中英文文章 assured junk buyer to enable the eco-aide to earn something from what he has collected and ...the added advantage of providing income for out-of school youths. Perhaps the community can...

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      ...something with a grain of salt=to consider something to be not completely true or right=半信半疑...arm and a leg=cost a fortune=花費不貲 out of this world=amazingly wonderful=棒極了...過得去 a penny save is a penny earn應為 A penny saved ...

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      ... and give them whatever they want. Try to make them earn things they want, so they don't take everything for granted. 6...