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    earnest money

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    • 超急~~英文翻譯的問題~~~20點大放送!

      ...price index and Taiwan index rate of increase , and then consider service charge and earnest money of index of Taiwan which schoolmate's sister has not considered...

    • 請問'尾款'的英文是什麼?

      ...是指分期付款的期款,應該叫 payment 或 back payment,如果是買東西先付的定金叫earnest money,剩下來的金額如果一次付清,叫 full payment,如果分幾次付,那還是叫payment 或 back...

    • 英文演講稿~ my idol

      ... indomitably, diligently the upward spirit. Therefore I must more earnest studying, make money in the future with the wisdom. Let this genuine Taiwan cow not need the...