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  1. Mobile Belt of Earth Crust


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      【地】地殼活動帶(太平洋火環從南美洲安底斯山脈的智利起,向北經祕魯、中美洲墨西哥等國家,西北行 ...
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    • how do crust and mantle differ

      Earth's crust is the outermost layer of the sphere which makes up the physical appearance...

    • know it all課本題目解答

      ...是不是有錯 不知道您想打的是不是是"crust" (earth crust→地殼) 這邊就先以"earth crust"來做解釋...the top of mountains because of plates on earth collide and uplift, than the bottom of the ocean could become...

    • How does earthquake happens?

      ...which is below our feet is the uppermost part of the earth's crust. This crust is 10 kilometres thick under the sea, and 40 ...