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  1. earth up

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    • 1. 用土掩蓋(植物等的根) He earthed up the celery. 他給芹菜培上了土。
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    • Earth to Rachel

      ...有人 (Jimmy) 在作白日夢, 你可以說 "Earth to Jimmy, Earth to Jimmy, wake up!" (呼叫吉米, 呼叫吉米, 醒醒吧!), 或是當有人提出不切實際的建議, 你可以...

    • <急須>誰可以幫我翻譯......謝謝

      Defender on the earth Eat Pick up the rubbish Lose the rubbish Sorry. ...should do Then I can act as the defender on the earth Certainly Hand in hand Concede...

    • 四題英文翻譯麻煩有緣人解答歐 謝謝 China to agree, but what meaning is one China on earth, up till now, both sides have not all had a common understanding...