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  1. earthing

    • earth的動詞現在分詞、動名詞
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    • Earth to Rachel

      What does “Earth to Rachel” mean? 如 taboleh 所說, "...吧!), 或是當有人提出不切實際的建議, 你可以說 "Earth to Jimmy", 藉以提醒他 (Jimmy) 回到...

    • earth的關代要用where還是which?

      ...應該是on which,可以 where代用。 2.on which、 where、that 都可使用: The earth which we live on is a beautiful planet. =The earth on which we live ...

    • EARTH

      (1). Eagles are flying in the sky. A river is singing in the forest. Rain drops are dancing on the roads. Tress are listening to the rain. Happiness is to be with the great...