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  1. ease

    • IPA[ēz]


    • n.
      absence of difficulty or effort;absence of rigidity or discomfort; poise
    • v.
      make (something unpleasant, painful, or intense) less serious or severe;become less serious or severe
    • verb: ease, 3rd person present: eases, gerund or present participle: easing, past tense: eased, past participle: eased

    • 釋義
    • 片語
    • n.
    • 1. absence of difficulty or effort:

      he gave up tobacco and alcohol with ease

      the guitar's versatility and ease of handling

    • 2. absence of rigidity or discomfort; poise:

      I was always vexed by her self-contained ease

    • 3. freedom from worries or problems, especially about one's material situation:

      a life of wealth and ease

    • v.
    • 1. make (something unpleasant, painful, or intense) less serious or severe:

      a huge road-building program to ease congestion

    • 2. become less serious or severe:

      the pain doesn't usually ease off for several hours

    • 3. relax one's efforts; do something with more moderation:

      I'd ease up on the hard stuff if I were you

    • 4. make (something) happen more easily; facilitate:

      Tokyo's dominance of government was deemed to ease efficient contact-making

    • 5. (of share prices, interest rates, etc.) decrease in value or amount:

      these shares should be bought and tucked away for when interest rates ease

      a slight easing of inflation

    • 6. slacken a rope or sail.
    • 7. move carefully, gradually, or gently:

      I eased down the slope with care

      the boat eased away from the harbor

    • 8. gradually exclude someone from a post or place, especially by devious or subtle maneuvers:

      after the scandal he was eased out of his job

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