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  1. ease nature

    • ph.
      小便; 大便
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    小便; 大便

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    • 英文期末報告翻譯 (請部要用翻譯軟體)

      ...the MILP suggested here is general in nature, 即使MILP對此所作的建議是一般自然公認的, smaller geographic areas due to the relative ease in data collection and analysis. 但因為在取得資料...

    • 3句中文翻譯成英文~急!面試要用的

      ... both good positive things兩者皆同一含義 (things with the same nature,eg. "ease pressure" and "enhance social bonding" ) : ) very important oh^^ 2...

    • 請幫我把這段中文翻成英文

      ... the nature long travel and tranquil, breathes the nature the fragrance multi-essences, the outside is a green ...the woods ˙ breath has the most comfortable ease environment. 希望有幫到你