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  1. ease oneself

    • ph.
      小便; 大便
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    小便; 大便

    • ph. 不再工作或憂慮; 休息; 輕鬆; 放心

    • She sat down and took her ease by the fire. 她坐在火旁休息一下。

    • ph. 休息,鬆弛,安心

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    • ph. 使生活變得安逸

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    • ph. 舒適而無憂慮; 完全鬆弛

    • Finish the work at your ease. 你可以從容地把這項工作做完。

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    • 請問「隨遇而安」的英文怎麼寫?

      ...英文Translation: 1. (able to) be at ease with one’s current situation. 2. (able to) reconcile oneself...emergency, never allowing yourself to be at ease with your current situation. http://www....

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      ...person would cause anxiety. Thus, learning to ease one's mind and relax one's body, and finding different...pick my answer, but pls do not choose the ones that don't even make sense. i've only told you...

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      ...顆心心碎 I shall not live in vain; 我就沒有白活了 If I can ease one life the aching, 如果我能減輕一個生命所受到的疼痛 Or cool one...