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    • 英文達人幫我翻一下這段吧

      ...the bitter astringency leans, the sweet taste namely is masked, again easily destroys by the Vitamin in the high temperature next time, therefore soaks the green...

    • 請幫忙翻譯下面英文內容

      The Battersea Shield 鐵器時代,350-50 BC 在英國倫敦的Battersea Bridge下的泰晤士河找到。這盾是用來展示和防禦?這盾不是用在很強烈打鬥。它可以提供很短暫的保護。如果盾被劍或矛擊中薄的金屬和複雜的裝飾會使它容易被破壞...

    • 英文~~~請英文厲害的人幫我中翻英

      ...all great way to eat radish. β element is very stable, and it is not easily to be destroyed because of the heat of cooking. But the Vitamin C of...