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    • 容易,輕松,安適
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    • ”容易度”的英文要怎麼翻

      我要量取某物質導電的"容易度" 的容易度怎麼翻 easy----> easiness(名詞) 通常都是用easiness ease 也是名詞也有容易的意思 所以也是可以用 我也看過有人用這個字(相關原文書) 通常專業用文章裡大家都會知道該用哪個來解釋的

    • ”極簡式”英翻

      ...extreme simplification, simmpleness restraint, simple mindedness, simplicity, ease, easiness, comfort, informality, repose, relief, chasteness, relaxation, rest Minimalism...

    • 關於維根斯坦的理論之評論 希望厲害或懂的人幫忙我翻譯一下

      ... “easy cases” in the law. However, they attribute the easiness of these cases not to language but to a ( temporary) consensus of the society ( or...