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  1. easy money

    • ph.
      橫財; 不義之財; 來得容易的錢
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    • 在美國知識發現的英文句子 什麼意思阿 求權威

      ...unexpected fortune. You won’t get wealthy without unexpected fortune. Easy money = 不費力的獲得金錢, so that is not the right translation. 2008-06-25 07:09...

    • English is important???

      ...rsquo; Why English is important? For making easier money? Getting rich? Or for a high rank position to be a big Tycoon...

    • 英文翻譯 我恨錢難賺怎麼翻

      我恨錢難賺 It's never easy to make money. Shit!! 2006-04-16 11:57:49 補充: 那些星星是(雪特)的意思不然寫 Shithole!! Holyshit!! 2006-04-16 11:59:14 補充: 原來 S-H-I-T 不能顯示喔sorry!!