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  1. easy on the ear

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    • 1. 【口】好聽的 This music's easy on the ear late at night. 這音樂夜晚聽起來很好聽。
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      ... for muffing an easy fly ball in a game with the Yankees. 其實這一句...but suffer a painful case of rabbit ears. 所以我想這一句應該可以... sex the woman lies on her back and puts...

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      ..., hurt oneself too One takes on the colour of one's company He that touches...environmental impact Honest advice, though unpleasant to the ear Advice when most needed is least...

    • [英文]調大、小聲(音量)

      ...多會受不了! Don't turn the volume up on the earphone. My ears can't take it! 6.我該怎麼使用你的mp3呢... your mp3 work ? Oh! it's easy! If you want to increase the volume, just turn...