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    • each of which???

      ...personality .He is easy _ A)to get along with B)enough that we can get...write it as: He is easy enough for us to get along with. 2012-03-29 13:13:55 補充...

    • he is easy to get angry 不對??

      ...修飾人的. 以下二句結構很相似, 但一個正確一個錯誤 1) He is easy to get along with. (O) 他這人很好相處. = To get along with him is easy...

    • 求英文正確解答XD!!20點*2

      ...,most of my_are friendly and easy to get along with. (B)neighbors 鄰居 Ans:幸運... writes. They are short and easy to read. (A)poets 詩 Ans:我愛那...