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  1. eat out of sb.'s hand

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    • 1. 聽命於某人 She soon had the class eating out of her hand. 她不久就把全班管得服服貼貼了。
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    • eat out of sb.'s hand

      eat out of sb.'s hand 甘願聽命於某人; 順從某人 ex: a. I'll soon...就會叫他順從我) b. She'll have them eating out of her hand in no time. (她很快就會讓他們俯首貼耳的)

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      ...over there carrying a suitcase. he`s about 180c m . carrying在此是現在...`t worry, there will be loads of it waiting for us when we... up the chimney and called out the names of his reindeer...