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  1. ebb away

    • vi.
      衰退; 減少
    • 釋義


    • 1. 衰退; 減少 her enthusiasm was ebbing away 她的熱情漸漸消退下來
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    • 英文句子語法

      ... to get used to as time drags on and optimism and hope ebb away (真正主詞)It 是虛擬主詞,真正主詞是that people here are ...

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      ... person can at certain times falls into the ebb tide,But facing causes time my...,Instead can a quicker far away be sad!! 最好在去給英文老師看一下!就絕對ㄅ會錯,希望...

    • 幫我[[英文*文法檢查]]

      ...northern tip leaves the seacoast is only 16 kilometers., during the ebb, partial coral reefs will reveal from the water to form coral islands...