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    engrossed in
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    • engrossed 和 engaged 有什麼不同?

      ...不常使用,使用時通常指某人全神貫注於某件事,如 "the researcher is engrossed in his study" (這研究生全神貫注於其研究上) 相較之下"engaged...

    • 幫我中文翻英文!

      ... time just when I was about to totally engross in it, all of a sudden it reached the end. So... couple I've ever seen (in my 22 years of life). 我個人是覺得不用22...

    • 問英文2題被動及1題詞類。?

      ...某人所熟知 be known for 特色 因某特色而聞名 2. be engrossed in 全神貫注於 ~ be preoccupied with 全神貫注於 ~ 空格後是with,因此...