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    eco management
  1. ecomanagement

    • n.
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    • 懇求~醫學文章翻譯(英翻中)

      ... for respiratory failure management. For the further management he was transferred to our ER...心包 effusion【医】 渗漏, [渗漏]积液, 渗漏液, 渗漏物 ECO [=Environmental Control Organization...

    • While和at the same time的用法

      fully conform to new-generation eco standards while focusing on workplace safety and consumer safety. 如果...句話太長了,我會比較喜歡 It totally conforms to new-generation eco standards and focuses on workplace safety and consumer safety at the same...

    • 誰有國中英文文章

      ... and an assured junk buyer to enable the eco-aide to earn something from what he has collected... and salable decorative items. Thus, waste management can provide the initial phase of a vocational training center...